Richard J. Fugo, MD, PhD
Unbelieveable Multiple Concentric Capsulotomies:

A Near Impossible Maneuver
Running Time: 4:31

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Peripheral Iridotomy

Richard J. Fugo, MD, PhD
Plasma Ablation Capsulotomy: Femtosecond Laser

vs Fugo Plasma Blade
Running Time: 4:34

Brandon D. Ayers, MD
Small Eye with a Dense Capsule &

Weak Zonules S/P ROP & PK
Running Time: 3:54

Richard J. Fugo, M.D.

Plasma Ablation Capsulotomy: A revolutionary method of managing complications

Running Time: 4:24

Richard J. Fugo, MD
Plasma Ablation Cataract Surgery, Fugo Blade Technology
Running Time: 7:35

Fugo Plasma Blade..... an innovative way to perform an automated capsulotomy utilizing plasma ablation to cleanly and safely ablate through the capsule of the eye. Plasma Ablation Capsulotomy ( PAC ) is the hallmark of both the femtosecond laser as well as the Fugo Plasma Blade in the creation of modern capsulotomies.  

The Fugo Plasma Blade was the first electrosurgical unit cleared by the US FDA in the year 2000 for intraocular use in anterior capsulotomies. Thousands  of cases have been successfully performed with this technology. Described by many as "resistance-free cutting", the Fugo Plasma Blade is capable of easily ablating through dense cataracts as well as quickly stopping capsule tears. It is perfect to manage those difficult, near impossible cases! 

Quickly ablate a dense or fragile capsule in seconds
Stop a capsule tear, which may occur during capsulorhexis or phacoemulsification, by creating a Fugo Blade incision perpendicular to and in front of the capsule tear...requiring seconds to perform !
Neither a red reflex nor trypan blue stain is needed to perform a capsulotomy 
Safely create a large capsulotomy in a small pupil by ablating under the iris out of surgeon view. A common and simple procedure to master.

Richard J. Fugo, MD
Nanotechnology, Plasma Capsulotomy, Fugo Blade Technology
Running Time: 9:38

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